All the Good Names are Already Taken

Is it too much to ask for just a second of thought before releasing a product to the public?


The Jerkstopper?

Obvious tasteless innuendos aside (see McWrap), I’m pretty sure this (as a few commenters on the story also pointed out) creates more problems than it solves.

Does it prevent your laptops’ power cable from falling out of it’s oh-so-snug fitting?


Did it pull your laptop from the desk to the floor when you tripped over said power cable because there was no chance in hell it could release from said fitting?


Does it possess a name that can invoke mental images of either (a) a thief, dressed in prison stripes and a cowel, pointing a .45 at a baby in a stroller to pilfer it’s lollypop, or (b), Victorian-era anti-pleasure devices?


Then again, 3 out of 3 “perhaps” ain’t bad.